Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Curious Cows

The other day my brother Stephen and I drove our Ford Ranger pickup out into the field where our cows were residing. Now to a cow, you must imagine how odd a bright gold colored mass of moving metal must look. Well first, all the cows stopped munching grass and decided to race us. As we drove along, they went running beside us showing off their agility by kicking their heels and shaking their heads.

Once we came to a stop, they formed a large circle around us and began inching closer and closer trying to figure out what this gold beast was. Their courage got stronger as, shoulder to shoulder, they inched closer. Soon they were standing just feet away, stretching their necks and sniffing the truck all over.

Meanwhile, Stephen and I were sitting in the truck enjoying their humorous behavior and their attitudes of sheer curiosity. Now it was all fun and games, until one rather bold cow decided to try and bite the truck’s mirror off. At that moment, I came to action. I quickly opened my door and stepped out. All at once, the whole herd took one good jump backwards and then stood there looking in disbelief. It was almost as though they thought I was from Mars and had just stepped out of my space ship!

Not long after that, when we had finished the errand that had taken us to that part of the pasture, we were off again. As we drove back to the gate, we were still followed by those curious cows. They stood watching in rapt amazement as we shut the gate behind us and drove off into the distance.

Now, I’ve heard that “curiosity killed the cat . . . We’ll just hope it doesn’t the kill cows!


Kristi said...

Ha ha! I love their baffled expressions, especially that of the black fellow looking right at the camera!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Glad to hear that all is well in WA.

Let us know if there is an "earlier than expected" hamburger party.