Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Cowboy

Most people across our land have a highly romantic or rosy conception of what it is to be a cowboy. For centuries, western films have depicted the cowboy as a rough and tumble character that spends his days on a horse, working cows, and riding the range. Now that is an accurate description of part of a cowboy’s life, but it is not the whole story. The part that is so often missing is the hours of cleaning out manure from barn stalls, building and repairing fences, putting up hay, and caring for sick animals — just to mention a small portion of the tasks that make up a cowboy’s entire job.

But, it is not too surprising that many people would have a misconception about a cowboy’s life, because every cowboy likes to show the very best of what he does. It is not too exciting to show someone how to clean a stall or mend a fence, but it is quite another thing to show off your horse and display its ability to rear, run, and round up cows!


Tony Ramsek said...

Hi Stephen! Great pictures once again. Who took them? I like your transparency before the Lord and men. No use putting up a front when the Lord sees right through it (even it some men don't). I miss you brother and think of you often. Keep up the good work on the blog, to the Glory of God!


Christy said...

Cowboy Up...and away! All to His glory. Wish we were there with you. At least the pictures give us a tiny glimpse and we can have a mini vacation ;)

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Stephen! If I had known you were going to put together a photo manual on "How to ride a horse" I would have waited until it came out in print before riding you know who...Oh, well! At least now I know what the problem was...I needed the hat! Ha!
Mrs. B