Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Early Morning Surprise

The other morning I woke up and stumbled down the stairs. I stood rubbing my eyes and gazing out of a large picture window looking out over our pasture lands. The morning mist still hung heavy in the little hollows giving the whole scene a cloaked appearance. As my eyes began to adjust to the growing light I though I saw a small long legged creature out in the field. Thinking my sleepy eyes were fooling me, I rubbed them again and strained to catch another glimpse of the creature I though I had seen.

Just then the, fog lifted, and to my surprise I saw a brand new baby foal standing there. His little nostrils flared as he took in breaths of the fresh morning air. An admiring mother stood by busily nuzzling him with her soft furry nose. The whole scene was breath taking and caused me to rejoice in God’s marvelous creation and the wonder of new life.