Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wintry Whiteness

After days and days of endless rain in the month of November, wintry weather welcomed in the month of December. Soggy leaves began to stiffen as the temperatures dropped. The sound of there grass under each step changed from a squish to a crunch. Then one, then two, then twenty, then two hundred snow flakes began floating out of the sky. For hours the sky was blurred by a thick fall of large soft snowflakes. Trees and shrubs, houses and barns, fields and fences were soon covered with a thick, white blanket of snow.

Then all at once the sky stopped yielding it frozen flakes and a quiet stillness fell upon the whole valley. It was so white it dazzled your eyes and so quiet you could have heard a pin drop that is if it had not fallen into the soft snow with out the smallest sound.