Saturday, November 18, 2006

There are two times of day when God most reveals His beauty to us, His creatures . . .

At Sunrise...

...and At Sunset

The sun peeps over the hilltops and sheds its warm rays into the sleeping valley below. As it warms and wakes the world below things begin to change–the birds burst into song, the wooly blanket of fog raises to its heavenly heights, and the dew begins to sparkle and makes the world look like it is decked and adorned with diamonds

So too, when just before the day is done and the sun is shedding its last rays over the hill tops and the birds begin to sing their good night lullabies and the blanket of fog tucks the world into bed, there is a time that we ‘round here call “the golden hour.” This happens when the sun is low, and just before it sinks to rest every thing looks golden.

So now that the day is done
and every eye and mortal tongue
sleep peacefully in their beds,
The question still remains
did we do vain and earthly things
or did we strive to praise Christ’s name
in everything we did?

By Stephen Bradrick

Photographs taken by Stephen Bradrick

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Photographs taken by Stephen Bradrick

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Last Rays of Summer

As I looked at this picture I realized that in many ways it sums up the month of October. Here, through the window, the last soft rays of evening light pour in and spill over the rack of warm coats. It seems almost as though the sun wished to point them out and warn us of the cold night to come before it slipped over the hills leaving us amid cooling shadows. During the month of October, we enjoy our last days of warm weather and also enjoy our many nights of wintery chills. And once again the wood cook stove is stoked, giving forth its radiant warmth.

This month has been one of big change at Bradrick Family Farms. We successfully completed another year of farming and now our little spread is settled down for the winter months. If you have read my profile you will know that I am currently working on my B. A. in business and public policy. As a part of my studies, the Lord opened up the opportunity for me to take part in a business internship for the next two semesters of school. As of October second, I have been working in Dallas, Texas as an Executive Assistant to the C.E.O. of RealManage.

RealManage is a Home Owners Association management company. It is a young, fast-growing company with six branches stretching from California to Florida. This opportunity will give me the ability to work side by side with a seasoned business man, gleaning and learning from him every step of the way. I am specifically assisting him with the company's sales and marketing process, doing the back end management of all the branch sales data as well as working on opening new markets and executing marketing campaigns. So for the next six months I will not be living in a cozy little farm house, riding the range on my cow pony, or getting my hands durty doing farm work, but rather I will be living in an apartment, navigating Dallas traffic, and stuffing my brain full of business knowledge for implementing in the management of Bradrick Family Farms.

Since I will not be on the farm to keep you posted on farm happenings, my brother Stephen will be using his skills in photography to help you stay in touch with daily farm life. I hope that you have wonderful winter feasting on Bradrick Family Farms meat, and I look forward to picking back up as lead farm journalist when I come back in the spring.

Until then, your friend,
Phillip Bradrick