Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Farm Photography

Have you enjoyed the photography on our blog? Well, the pictures that have been presented here have been taken by our farm photographer who happens to double as my little brother. Over the past two weeks he has been increasing his skills by taking part in a photography course. So just for fun, I thought that we might throw in a few of his shots from around our farm and the near by countryside.

Through photography it is our goal to depict the beauty of God’s glorious creation. When a picture is properly framed, lighted, and composed it can help us see the beauty in even the seemingly mundane things around us. The truth is that we become so accustomed to the creation we live in that we forget to step back and realize the marvelous intricacy and design of things such as a blade of grass or a water droplet. So as you view these pictures we hope that they will help you to step back and reflect. Be sure to let us know what you think!


celeste said...

Beautiful photography! I found your blog quite awhile ago in some round about way. I have enjoyed the farm pictures very much.


Cheri said...

Stunning shots!

Kristi said...

Fantastic! How about a Bradrick photo exposition? :-)

Torres Family said...

This is our fist time to visit the blog. It is GREAT!!!

YOU must keep this up, Steven! God has given you an eye for framing, Man.

James Staddon said...

I'm an learning photographer in West Virginia and was impressed with your younger brothers use of deapth of field and angles of light. I love the soft lighting; what external flash did he use? What type of camera does he shoot with? Tell him to keep of the great art work; I shoot for our family blog as well.

Cathy Baumgardner said...

Your pictures are wonderful!

Sharri said...

This is my first visit to your site, and love the photography!

My daughter is interested in photography also, is your brother taking a local course, or online?
I'd be interested to find out! :0)

Keep up the great work.